KuvaLight was born from a passion for light and art

I have always had a passion for art. By designing and planning the custom light plan for my home I saw the possibilities that light can bring to an interior that reach beyond just task or accent lighting. There was one wall in our house that was particularly in need of artwork. This got me thinking. "Why not have light as art?" And so the idea was born.
In 2016 when my two children were old enough and needed me less I had more time and started designing the light that I had envisioned, it became the New Beginning, the first of our beautiful wall lights, the KuvaLights. It took about two years to make a collection and to start going to the market.  We are constantly designing lights and are coming out with new models.
With a KuvaLight you have something really special on your wall. You are in control of the colors and can choose to enhance your surroundings to create the atmosphere to match your mood. This unique light is in itself a beautiful wall hanging that shines on its own - with or without light.
Each light is custom made in our workshop in Amsterdam.
We hope you enjoy this beautiful piece of art in your home as much as we enjoy it in ours!
Jacqueline Steunebrink | designer and founder of KuvaLight   



Where does the name KuvaLight come from?

Combining both of my passions led to the creation of KuvaLight where Kuva is an abbreviation from the Dutch words Kunst van… (Art of..) Light.