Custom made lamps for private customers and businesses


At KuvaLight we love to make lights and that means also that we love to make custom made designer lights.

Sometimes we have clients who are looking for a light but cannot find the right size or shape. They often come to us and ask if we can make them a special light. With those customers we sit around the table and advise them the sort of light or shape that would go for example with their kitchen counter. 

In the picture a custom designer light made out of bamboo for one of our clients in the region Arnhem. The lamp has an L-shape and measures 240 cm by 107 cm.

KuvaLight | Custom Made designer light above a kitchen counter

KuvaLight | Custom made designer light for above the kitchencounter



If you are a business and would like to have custom made design lights in your hotel, restaurant or sport school. We would love to sit with you and design to lamps to your needs. 

In the picture a boxring light at KickBox school TeamChamp in Uithoorn designed by KuvaLight. You can choose the white light for official matches, but you can also create a totally different atmosphere by changing the color of the lights. The Boxring light measures 4 by 4 meter.

KuvaLight | Team Champ Kickboks ring lamp

KuvaLight | Team Champ Boksringlamp | Dutch design lights

KuvaLight | TeamChamp Kickboks en fittnes school